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Our Services

We collectively work to help you child reach their dreams and goals towards being their best selves. Please browse through our services to see how we can best support your child.

In-Home Therapy

In-Home Therapy

CBT provides in-home ABA therapy with an individualized and compassionate approach to your child’s needs. We take a collective approach to improving the quality of life, not only for your child but also for the family unit.

Parent Consultation

Parent Consultation

Parent consultation is an opportunity for an initial overview of behavioral concerns and areas of growth that may include short-term interventions and parent-centered implementation with the support of a BCBA.

Community & School Support

Community & School Support

Collaborating and advocating for a child in all settings is imperative to your child’s growth. We provide support with IEP development, collaboration with school teams/therapy teams (PT, OT, SLP) and advocacy work.

Interested in learning more?

If you would like to learn more about our services, we would be happy to see how we can best support you and your child.

Our ABA Service Delivery Model

Comprehensive Services

Comprehensive Services

Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (EIBI): Ages 18 months - 5 years old; Usually 25-35 hrs per week of Direct ABA therapy. 1:1 with Behavior Technician.

Focused Services

Focused Services

Ages 6-18 years old; Usually 10-25 hrs per week of Direct ABA Therapy in home, community, or daycare/pre-school setting. 1:1 with Behavior Technician.

Parent Consult

Parent Consult

Parent Training/Consult by a BCBA on specific behavioral interventions to support the child in the home and community setting. IEP advocacy provided as needed. No Direct 1:1 Therapy.

Intake Process

How do we get started?

We start with the intake process. Please note that the intake process can take around 4-6 weeks before the start of services.


Initial Intake

  • ASD Diagnosis and Comprehensive Evaluation verified.

  • Basic information is collected via website intake on “contact us” page.


Initial Assessment and ABA Benefits Verified

  • ABA benefits confirmed through your insurance company.

  • Initial assessment scheduled with family which includes direct observation and caretaker interview.

  • Individualized treatment plan will be submitted to insurance to authorize ABA treatment.


Authorization approve and Team assigned

  • A team will be assigned based on the number of hours approved and therapists available to begin services.

  • Training and overlaps will be scheduled with BCBA.


ABA Therapy Begins

  • On-going supervision and overlaps will be scheduled.

  • Parent training and implementation of interventions will be part of the treatment plan.

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